I ain't sorry

I Ain’t Sorry

So the last time I blogged was in June.

JUNE! That is quite shameful. Especially after I had told myself this blog was going to receive regular love and attention.

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Orobo Diaries

Once upon a time, I went to boarding school in England to start my A – Levels. It was a lovely all girls school in the English countryside and I made loads of friends and learned a great many things. Before you get too invested in those first two lines that is not what this is about. This is not a “girl in an English boarding school” story. I’m not Enid Blyton. It really isn’t about my learning experience (which was great) or the friends I made (they were incredibly awesome). It’s about my struggles with fitfam. Or at least how the struggle started. Keep Reading


I try everyday to be a better person (believe it or not guys) and sometimes it is just incredibly difficult. Human beings can be quite exasperating and my ego makes me feel (like most people do if they are being honest) that I’m pretty wonderful and the problem is with everyone else. However, deep down (deep deep deep deep down) I know that’s not true so I really do try to be a better version of myself than I was the year, month, week and day before. Keep Reading

Relationships with parents 101

So guys I was on the latest episode of the podcast Now O’clock with my friend Wole. We had a great conversation on things that have shaped the relationships we have with our parents and what we could do to cultivate a better relationship with them. Please listen, share and give me some feedback on what you liked, what you didn’t like and what you think would make for easier listening next time. Also, subscribe to the podcast on Soundcloud or iTunes. Wole has some dope guests on the blog speaking on super interesting subjects that I think you’ll love.

On another note I am so so sorry I have been MIA on the blog, writing inspiration has been hard to come by these days but I promise you that THEY *DJ Khaled voice* have failed and this week I’m going to share 2 posts on the blog.

What have you guys been up to? Do you miss me? I miss you too. No? Well I still miss you petty McPetty.

P.S – My speaking voice is a bit weird. Just manage it.

Book Club

I love reading.

Mostly fiction, and I know some people will judge me for that but it’s okay. You can read what you like sir/ma and so can I.

I’ll only recommend books I’ve enjoyed; they may or may not be critically acclaimed, may be short or long, fiction or non-fiction. As long as I enjoyed it, it’s going on here.

I’m not a professional critic or anything, so I’ll do my best but it’s an amateur’s best, remember that.

Don’t be weird and spoil the story in the comments section. If you want to discuss any of the books, or have any books you think I should read send me an email – abikeayeye@hotmail.com. I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I can.



Breakfast VS Morning Food

There are times in a young woman’s life she learns something striking about the world and it changes her whole perspective. It could be about faith or friendship or love or science. It could happen while reading a book or having a conversation or doing something that doesn’t matter, or doing nothing at all. For me these instances include but are not exclusive to Keep Reading

Fly Nigerian to lose your sanity

Flying is an exciting experience. It’s incredibly thrilling to sit in the sky, racing across continents and time zones in a matter of minutes. I know its pure science, but the whimsical, romantic side of me thinks of it as magic. It’s a miracle really, to be caught between the heavens and the earth. You are actually sitting in the skies. Incredible right?

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Questions for a preacher

I’ve always loved speaking to people. Asking them questions and finding out how they think, and feel, and why they do. For some reason (one I have never taken the time out to figure out), I’ve had reservations about speaking to preachers and religious leaders, or “men of the cloth”. Maybe a part of it has to do with being a preacher’s kid, so I understand sometimes all they want to do is rest and have some peace of mind, not answer questions. I know for sure, that a part of it has to do with the fact that I’m quite irreverent, which sometimes comes off as disrespectful, and you know many preachers have the whole “touch not my anointed thing going on. I’m wary of that. Anyway, if I could muster up the courage, and find a preacher ready to be honest and open, these are the questions I would ask.

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